Indonesia will become a country with a very high acceleration of elderly growth in the period 1990 – 2020, and an increase in life expectancy from 66.7 years to 70.5 years. This is indicated by an increase in the percentage of older people reaching 10% in 2020, so that Indonesia will be included in the category of aging population.

The development of sustainable science has also been implemented at the Universitas Respati Indonesia (URINDO) through scientific thesis. Generally, various studies are conducted to develop gerontlogy from various disciplines including psychology, socio-economics, technology, public health, nursing, mental health, and dental health, which can grouped in Medical Gerontology, Social Gerontology and Gerotechnology, which are applied at the Center for Family and Aging Studies (CeFAS).

The Elderly Friendly University was formally introduced academically at URINDO Graduation in 2019 by the President of Urindo with the support of the Minister of Social Affairs (represented by the Director General of Social Rehabilitation Services, Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia). URINDO’s contribution as an Elderly Friendly University, furthermore, URINDO advocates for several ministries including BKKBN, Kemenkes, KPPA, and the Ministry of Education and Culture through the Director General of Higher Education. During the Covid Pandemic 19th era, advocacy efforts will be supported by ACAP in the form of the International Webminar on Age Friendly University: Challenge and Opportunity.

The activities carried out by Respati Indonesia University using the zoom application, for the resource persons in accordance with their respective places, on Thursday, July 2 2020 at 10:00 to 13:00.

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